The weather has really changed here in Northern California. Soup weather! Here is a recipe that I did for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute that would be perfect for this time of year. TOMATILLO, CORN

Here’s a Favorite Mushroom “Comfort Food” Recipe

CHAWAN MUSHI Serves 4 Chawan mushi is Japanese comfort food that combines eggs and dashi (the basic stock of Japan) to make a light custard and then it is steamed or baked in a hot


ASIAN PEARS The Asian or oriental pear has been in America since the late 1800s but it’s only in the last decade or two that enough trees were planted to provide for commercial production. These

Recipe: Lime Posset

Posset (pronounced pos-it) originally was an English drink made of hot milk curdled with ale or wine and usually sweetened and spiced. Here it becomes a lovely rich dessert. Chef Ash makes it with lime

Soba Noodle Salad with Smoked Duck

Soaking lentils

Soaking lentils: Recipes using lentils will often tell you that one of their advantages, unlike beans, is that you don’t have to soak them before cooking. While this is true our grandmothers knew that soaking

Sonoma-Cutrer Wine and Cookbook Offer

Sonoma-Cutrer has this great offer, that includes my new book, "Cooking Wild" a bottle of 2013 Les Pierres Chardonnay, and 2013 Vine Hill Pinot Noir for $99, shipping is included. Find how to order here

Refreshing Summer Recipe: WHITEFISH CRUDO

WHITEFISH CRUDO Serves 4 Raw fish has been enjoyed around the Mediterranean for probably as long as sushi. Crudo, the Italian version, like it’s Japanese cousin depends on absolutely fresh fish. Any local fresh white

Catfish Day on the “Good Food Hour” with Chef John Ash

Saturday is National Catfish Day, a fitting topic for Steve Garner and I on "The Good Food Hour" KSRO radio show. Below is a recipe we will be using. Tune in from 11 am to

Recipes from Ramekin’s Class – June 2016

Enjoy these recipes from a class that Chef John Ash recently taught at Ramekin's in Sonoma, California. FRESH CALIFORNIA FLAVORS • Grilled Asparagus with Prosciutto, Buratta and Lemon Olive Oil • Butterflied Leg of Lamb