“Best” Restaurants in New York

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I should rather title this “memorable” restaurants in New York.  How could anyone pick the “best” in a place like New York City?  I’ve just returned from a trip there where I taught cooking classes at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE).  The following restaurants are some of my favorites that I  recommend to friends.  Please let me know your experiences at these places, and I would love to hear about your favorite New York eatery!

Savoy and its sister restaurant Back Forty:  Peter Hoffman is chef/owner and a friend.  Absolutely dedicated to local/seasonal/sustainable

Union Square Cafe:  Been around for more than 20 years and often voted best restaurant in NYC.  Eclectic American food in a fun atmosphere

Prune:   This is the place to go if you are feeling in a carnivore mood.  Very creative use of meats and innards!

Le Bernadin:  Very elegant and may be the best seafood restaurant America, if not the world!  Eric Ripert is chef.

Locanda Verde:  Actor Robert DiNiro’s place.  Andrew Carmellini is chef and he’s great.

Minetta Tavern:  Keith McNally’s latest and very fun.

Aldea:  Portuguese

Kuma Inn:  Southeast Asian

Momofuku:  Asian influenced.  Owner/chef is David Chang, respected bad boy who has 4 or 5 other restaurants in New York all really good and cutting edge

Gramercy Tavern:  Impeccable service and great food.  I go there every time I’m in New York

Frankie’s Spuntino:  Originally in Brooklyn they now have a restaurant in Manhattan.  The 2 owners and they are right out of the Soprano’s.  Great home style American/Italian cooking.

DBGB Kitchen and Bar:  Daniel Bouloud’s newest.  He is the founder of Daniel considered by many to be the best French restaurant in NYC.

For breakfast I love Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker.


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  1. I have been a great fan of good foods always crazy for searching for better remarks of restaurants, and very honest I really appreciate the efforts of the blogger for providing such an interesting list of best restaurants in New York city.

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