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All About Asparagus- Part 3

COOKING ASPARAGUS Wash asparagus just before cooking to remove any bit of grit left from the sandy soil it is usually grown in. Asparagus does not usually need to be peeled unless you get a particularly stringy spear. This is … Continue reading

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All About Asparagus- Part 1

If ever there was a harbinger of spring, it’s asparagus.  As the days grow longer and the soil warms, asparagus suddenly springs into life, sending up shoots that can grow 6 to 10 inches a day.  At its peak asparagus … Continue reading

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Bean Counting

    In an earlier blog entry I’ve written about my love of beans.  It seems that heirloom beans are experiencing a revival as more chefs and home cooks experiment with the many varieties being cultivated by farmers.  The September … Continue reading


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