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Recipes: Sustainable Seafoods


Most authorities agree that eating more seafood and shellfish and less red and processed meat is a choice that's good for your health and much better for the environment. Unfortunately, with many seafood choices, there are three other

Recipes: Sustainable Seafoods2020-06-13T20:15:04-07:00

May 16 is National Barbecue Day


This Saturday....May 16 is National Barbecue Day..although we won't be gathering around our grills and smokers with friends..the KSRO GOOD FOOD HOUR invites you to gather around the radio for a virtual cookout.. Our first

May 16 is National Barbecue Day2020-05-15T04:06:36-07:00



Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for May 5th.  Ask most Americans its meaning and they will probably tell you it has something to do with Mexican Independence Day, which it does not. Mexican Independence Day

Recipes: CINCO DE MAYO2020-04-30T22:43:51-07:00



Serves 8 - 10 Corning is an old English term that refers to pellets of salt called corns. It has nothing to do with corn the vegetable. If you’ve ever looked at the ingredient list

HOME-CURED CORNED BEEF2020-03-12T04:06:34-07:00

Recipes: Winter Soups


Soup is an important part of every cultural cuisine and the variations could fill several books (and it has!). Soup is the most basic of dishes. Originally soupe or sops described a hot broth poured

Recipes: Winter Soups2020-01-13T20:24:46-08:00

Champagne Brunch


Apparently the first use of the breakfast/lunch mash-up “Brunch” happened back in 1895. Guy Beringer, a British writer, authored a piece called “Brunch: A Plea” in Hunter’s Weekly. He wanted people to gather for a

Champagne Brunch2019-12-07T19:55:34-08:00