Food and Love: The two seem to have always been connected in an intimate dance of the senses. Do you ever think about it and wonder why the two are so intertwined? The most memorable

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My Grandmother’s Schnitzel – Chef John Ash


SCHNITZEL As seen in the Press Democrat! Schnitzel holds a very special place in my heart (and stomach). My Grandmother used to make it often and she was the master of schnitzels of all

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I spent my early years living with my Grandparents on a ranch in Colorado. We really were poor mountain people but I really didn't know that (no internet to remind me!). I credit my Grandma

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12th annual Ashland Culinary Festival


Enjoy four days of culinary magic and talent at the - 12th annual Ashland Culinary Festival: November 8th - 11th, 2018 Book your Veteran's Day Weekend Getaway with exclusive lodging packages and festival offerings. Tickets and

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The Marriage of Food and Wine with John Ash (Culinary Institute of America – St. Helena)


November 4th "I have to tell you what a fantastic class Mr. Ash taught today. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the class, Mr. Ash’s teaching, and his down-to-earth manner. It was a true

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