large turtle monterey bay aquariumDear Friends:

I’ve been associated with the Monterey Bay Aquarium for a number of years and support their efforts with sustainable seafood practices. They are probably best known for their Seafood Watch initiative: which helps us all make best choices about the seafood we eat. Be sure to download the free app.

Below is from Sheila Bowman of the Aquarium which is a call to action for California (and actually everyone) in this work:

Fellow Californians,

I wanted to share some information about two bills that will make a difference in how much plastic ends up in our environment, our food and our bodies. Recycling is a very limited option. Stemming the flow is an important step forward.

Tell your state legislators to vote YES on the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act, also known as SB 54 and AB 1080. Encourage them to protect ocean wildlife, and keep our own communities cleaner, by creating a future with less single-use plastic waste.

Three Quick Steps:

1. Learn more here:

2. Take Action here:

3. Share these links with other Californians”
If you don’t live in California you can still get the ball rolling in your state by emulating these bills.

Best regards,
John Ash