For many of us the task of putting food and wine together harmoniously is a mystery. Too often wineries as well as wine professionals have over analyzed or rhapsodized about wine and used language that is both unfamiliar and intimidating. As a result many of us have felt a certain angst about the subject and don’t get outside of our comfort zone.

John has long been an advocate of taking the fear out of wine and tonight’s class is about learning the really simple basics about putting food and wine together.
It’s divided into two parts.

First we begin with an aroma challenge in which each of us will focus on our ability to identify flavors using the most important organ of taste – – our nose! This is fun and interactive and fabulous prizes will be awarded to those who can most correctly identify familiar aromas.

In the second part John will lead us through a food and wine pairing in which we’ll taste several wines with foods and learn how they interact and affect each other.
It’ll be a fun, convivial evening and you should come away with a good understanding of how to successfully pair wine and food.

In addition to being a world renowned chef, author, and food and wine educator, many refer to Chef John Ash as the “Father of Wine Country Cuisine”.