I’m sure everybody has an opinion and here are my observations:

  • The rise nationally of street food in every form and via every kind of conveyance:  trucks, carts, bicycles.  Examples include a Soup Cycle in Portland, Waffle Truck in San Francisco, Kogi Korean BBQ truck in Los Angeles, etc.
  • DIY (do it yourself) urban farming including bee keeping, chicken raising, and more.

    Photo from Darrin Barry

  • Wood-fired everything (followed by coal-fired) including pizzas, fish, desserts, breads, etc.
  • Belgian Beers often referred to as sour beers made with wild indigenous yeasts, funky infections like brett, aged for years.  Flavors that you’ve never experienced.
  • Underground Restaurants done in private spaces below the radar of health departments, tax and license agencies, etc.
  • Everything Old is New Again like canning, urban hunting clubs, butchering, eating offal.