comfort foodsYou’ve got your orders. We all must hunker in place now. What are we going to do about meals since we can’t go out or stock up at the hot bar? I’ve a friend who sees this as a little silver lining (she’s an eternal optimist!). She notes that many of us have pantries full of all kinds of ingredients that we can make an easy meal from and maybe this will encourage us to do so. Pasta, dry beans, canned tomatoes and gosh knows what else. If we don’t have that stuff, there then maybe this is time to stock it up a little.

It’s also a time now to try some new recipes that aren’t “cheffy” (turn off the Food Network for goodness sake!) and that you might think about adding some to your regular repertoire. We all need a couple of go-to, easy-to-do recipes to feed us and our family and friends don’t you think?

Here are some of my easy favorites:

• Shakshuka
• Oven Fried Corn Flake Crumbed Chicken
• Spaghetti Alla Rustica
• Coca Cola Braised Brisket
• The Best Grilled Cheese

Plus 2 Simple Soups:

• 15 minute “Creamy’ Tomato (but no Cream)
• Egg Drop Soup

Get all of the recipes here!