All About Asparagus- Part 3


COOKING ASPARAGUS Wash asparagus just before cooking to remove any bit of grit left from the sandy soil it is usually grown in. Asparagus does not usually need to be peeled unless you get a

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All About Asparagus- Part 2


I have fond memories of wild asparagus growing up on my Grandparents ranch in Colorado. The ranch was at the base of Mt. Princeton, one of the Collegiate Peaks and also one of Colorado’s 53

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Tips for Deep Frying a Turkey


Most of us have heard about deep frying turkey, which originated in the south and is often called “Cajun Fried Turkey”.  When I finally tried it, the results were outstanding, I have to

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Cool Kitchen Tip: Facts About Cookware


•    Aluminum:  Remember a few years ago when people were throwing out their aluminum pots and pans because of the “Aluminum causes Alzheimer’s” scare??  According to the National Institutes of Health there is

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Cool Kitchen Tips: Bottled Water vs. Tap Water


Many people believe bottled water is safer than tap water.  I’ve bought into this too, but it often isn’t true.  Municipal water supplies are tested every day for disease-causing microbes and chemicals.  Bottled water, which

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Cool Kitchen Tip: Why Do We Marinate Meats?


The most important reason to marinate is to add flavors.  Here’s how a marinade works:  A good marinade is a blend of something acid (wine, citrus juices or vinegar), salty (soy sauce or

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Cool Kitchen Tip: Storing Basil


For those who garden, I’m sure you’ve heard you should always harvest herbs in the morning after the dew has dried?  For those of us who do not garden, and just use herbs - how

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Wax on… Wax off


It is a common practice in the food industry to put wax on produce.  I don't like the practice and it is another reason why I'm such an advocate of local farmer's markets. 

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