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  Photo from MaryFrancesMain Chutney is a condiment we often associate with Indian cuisine. But this condiment has now gone global and offers a punch of flavor that pairs so well with roasted


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John Ash and fellow chef and friend, Mei Ibach, pose with salmon dishes made at the Windsor Certified Farmer’s Market, August, 2012. Photo courtesy: Rick Tang I recently demonstrated this recipe at the

Watermelon with Chili Salt

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Photo from moreno0101    It’s going to be another hot couple of days here in Northern California!  I know most of the country has had their share of hot weather this summer.  Here

Cold Soups for Hot Weather

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As the temperature goes up, the last thing most people feel like doing is a lot of cooking. This time of year cries out for make-ahead dishes like cold soups. I’ve included several of my

All About Asparagus- Part 3

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COOKING ASPARAGUS Wash asparagus just before cooking to remove any bit of grit left from the sandy soil it is usually grown in. Asparagus does not usually need to be peeled unless you get a

All About Asparagus- Part 2

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I have fond memories of wild asparagus growing up on my Grandparents ranch in Colorado. The ranch was at the base of Mt. Princeton, one of the Collegiate Peaks and also one of Colorado’s 53

All About Asparagus- Part 1

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If ever there was a harbinger of spring, it’s asparagus.  As the days grow longer and the soil warms, asparagus suddenly springs into life, sending up shoots that can grow 6 to 10

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