Cold Soups for Hot Weather


As the temperature goes up, the last thing most people feel like doing is a lot of cooking. This time of year cries out for make-ahead dishes like cold soups. I’ve included several of my

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Grunts: A Delicious and Simple Dessert


Grunts are one of those great “Grandma” desserts that trace their history back to colonial times.  They are in the large family of cooked fruit desserts that include crisps, cobblers, betty’s, pandowdy’s, and

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I was recently invited to participate in Kosta Browne Winery’s annual retreat at the beautiful Mayacama Club nestled up in the hills of Sonoma County.  Kosta Browne is a small Sonoma County winery with a

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Come Savor Sustainability


I will be joining the Monterey Bay Aquarium for its tenth Cooking for Solutions celebration, May 20-22, 2011. In a weekend of celebrations, live cooking demonstrations, intimate salons and culinary adventures you’ll discover

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Plan Now for a Great Spring Event


Every year I look forward to the annual "Cooking for Solutions" get together in May at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  It's always a sell out and folks tell me that they wish they

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Collecting Wine: Keeping a Journal


OK I have to admit it - - my two great passions in life are enjoying food and wine.  As a chef for more than 35 years I’ve had a chance to cook and sample

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