Cold Soups for Hot Weather


As the temperature goes up, the last thing most people feel like doing is a lot of cooking. This time of year cries out for make-ahead dishes like cold soups. I’ve included several of my

Cold Soups for Hot Weather2018-04-10T23:12:08-07:00

Posole- A Recipe to Warm You Up


When the weather turns cold, I’m ripe for anything warm, spicy and soupy. One of my favorite simple recipes is Mexican Posole (pronounced po-zo-lay), a delicious mixture of stewed pork or other meats,

Posole- A Recipe to Warm You Up2018-04-10T23:12:09-07:00

Cold Summer Soups


Here in Northern California, we are still waiting for the really hot days of summer to arrive.  But in other parts of the country, I know you've experienced your share of those steamy, warm days

Cold Summer Soups2018-04-10T23:12:15-07:00
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