Photo from MaryFrancesMain Chutney is a condiment we often associate with Indian cuisine. But this condiment has now gone global and offers a punch of flavor that pairs so well with roasted

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Perfect Mashed Potatoes- Revisited


It is that time of year again when we turn to warm, comforting holiday foods.  It seems one of the most popular dishes, would also seem one of the most simple-- mashed potatoes. 

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Tips for Deep Frying a Turkey


Most of us have heard about deep frying turkey, which originated in the south and is often called “Cajun Fried Turkey”.  When I finally tried it, the results were outstanding, I have to

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Perfect Mashed Potatoes


It would seem that nothing could be simpler than mashed potatoes.  They are simple but there are a few basics that will help make sure yours are the best: 1.    Pick the right

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A Cranberry Recipe from a Pioneer in the Industry


This is a recipe I got from Tom Darlington of Medford New Jersey whose Aunt Elizabeth was one of the prominent pioneers in the cranberry industry.  She is credited with creating individual cellophane packaging as

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Thanksgiving 2010 Recipes


For all the years that I’ve fixed Thanksgiving, my kids especially, have been adamant about keeping it traditional:  turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.  They are inventive and creative eaters and cooks

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