All About Asparagus- Part 3


COOKING ASPARAGUS Wash asparagus just before cooking to remove any bit of grit left from the sandy soil it is usually grown in. Asparagus does not usually need to be peeled unless you get a

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All About Asparagus- Part 1


If ever there was a harbinger of spring, it’s asparagus.  As the days grow longer and the soil warms, asparagus suddenly springs into life, sending up shoots that can grow 6 to 10

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Tips for Deep Frying a Turkey


Most of us have heard about deep frying turkey, which originated in the south and is often called “Cajun Fried Turkey”.  When I finally tried it, the results were outstanding, I have to

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I was recently invited to participate in Kosta Browne Winery’s annual retreat at the beautiful Mayacama Club nestled up in the hills of Sonoma County.  Kosta Browne is a small Sonoma County winery with a

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Top 10 Cookbooks of 2010


Here are my top ten favorites from a fantastic crop of cookbooks in 2010: •    One Big Table by Molly O’Neil.  Simon and Schuster $50. •    Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson.  Chronicle Books $40. •   

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Collecting Wine: Tips from a Chef


A few more thoughts about collecting and cellaring wine: Wine is best kept in the dark.  While incandescent or fluorescent lights seems to have no effect over the short term, long term exposure

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Holiday Kitchen Help


Happy Holidays! This time of year we’re often spending more time in the kitchen and as a result more questions come up.  Here is a couple I’ve received recently that I thought I’d share with

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