Broccoli Pesto Recipe


Broccoli Pesto? Here’s an easy to make and really delicious pesto to use with pasta, as a filling for ravioli, to top baked potatoes and a way to sneak in some vegetables for those picky

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Steve’s “Uppercrust” Southern Fried Chicken Recipe


Fried chicken inspired by Steve's Kentucky upbringing. STEVE’S “UPPERCRUST” SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN RECIPE Serves 4 - 6 This is a recipe from my long-time friend and radio co-host Steve Garner. We’ve been doing

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Thanksgiving Roast Turkey Recipe


This is my absolute favorite recipe for a moist, delicious roast turkey. The key is brining and roasting. I think you'll love it too. Roast Turkey From Chef John Ash   Brine 2 cups packed brown

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Braised Chicken Thighs


BRAISED CHICKEN THIGHS WITH LEMON AND GREEN OLIVES Serves 4 – 6   An easy chicken dish with delicious flavors of the Mediterranean.   8 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs Kosher salt and freshly ground black

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Can a GMO save our oceans?


Many of us have strong opinions about GMO's (genetically modified organisms) and I confess I've been one that has been concerned about their development and use. But this article about a genetically modified yeast that

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The Best Grilled Cheese


Serves 4 I recently saw a recipe from Chef Gabrielle Hamilton of the famous Prune restaurant in Manhattan that reminded me of the same thing my Grandmother did many years ago.  The secret to the best

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Perfect Burgers for Father’s Day


Grilling hamburgers is the best way to cook them in my opinion. In recent years burgers have moved up from just being fast food faire to ultra chic and hip with top chefs

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Food and Love and Oysters on the Half Shell


Food and Love:  The two seem to have always been connected in an intimate dance of the senses.  Do you ever think about it and wonder why the two are so intertwined?  For many of

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Korean Fried Chicken Wings


Try this twist on an American Classic for the Super Bowl, or for any other party! According to the National Chicken Council, Americans will consume 1.25 billion chicken wings during this year’s Super

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